The Bol Weevil 4: Househunting on Radio

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The Irish radio and television presenter Pat Kenny read my blog about househunting in Dublin a couple of weeks ago and invited me to talk to him about the search on his daily talk show on RTE Radio 1 (Radio Telefís Eireann, the national broadcaster.)


As we were en route to Dublin that weekend, I was able to go into the studio to do the interview live.  I used to do an awful lot of radio as a journalist, presenter, newsreader and contributor, but I gave up that malarkey over a decade ago to fight dandelions and bindweed in France. (They don’t call me a guerilla gardener for nothing.)


Pat Kenny has been in the business a very long time, but he didn’t used to be one of my ‘regulars’;  I worked with Gay Byrne and Mike Murphy, the other stars of the era. Live radio is always a challenge, but Pat Kenny was genuinely interested and we got on great…..and there was a bonus: the writer Colum McCann was interviewed before me.  Based in New York, McCann, several times a major international literary award winner, was over to launch his new novel “TransAtlantic” as part of the Dublin Writers Festival.  On the prompting of office staff, meeting, greeting and shepherding programme contributors, when Colum McCann came out of the studio his agent, who was sitting the control room, handed him a book. The writer asked my name, signed a copy of “TransAtlantic” and gave it to me. I am not usually impressed by fame and fortune, but I was so excited about meeting the man with whom I have gone to bed many, many a night, that I got fluttery and was positively lost for words.


Luckily, the fluttering fit didn’t last (fame is fickle) and here, by popular demand, is the slot from the RTE ‘Today with Pat Kenny” show from Monday May 19th 2013, brought to you by the technological prowess of Himself.  We have been caught up in a whirlwind of travel, property views, negotiations and birthdays since, hence the delay in getting it up.


Isabel interview PK


3 Responses to The Bol Weevil 4: Househunting on Radio

  1. mary pawle says:

    Just listened in, great to hear your voice Isabel. I was about to give up, cos the link didn’t seem to respond at first, but hey presto, the miracle of modern technology kicked in. Hope that you have success in your search.

  2. Susan skilbeck says:

    Wonderful interview Isabel! You are so sharp and
    Quick witted! I thoroughly enjoyed listening in.

  3. Rachael says:

    Wonderful! We listened in the car on the way back from Cork to our cosy Southside apartment (rented unfortunately). So lovely to hear you chatting so well and so eloquently! Very proud Niece/Goddaughter xxx

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