“Casus Belli”an act or situation that provokes or justifies a war.

2003. In a London cafe, Keith Nearing the anti-hero of Martin Amis’ novel “The Pregnant Widow” is reading The Times; reading about the ‘axis of evil’ war, the war purportedly provoked –  but more importantly, justified –  by the November 11 2001 attacks on the United States. Most of this book is set in 1970, when Keith was 21 years old. Now he is thinking about getting old.

“Literature, why didn’t you tell me? Old age may bring you wisdom. But it doesn’t bring you bravery.
On the other hand, you’ve never had to face anything as terrifying as old age. Actually, war was more terrifying – and just as unavoidable, it seemed, for human beings. This was unavoidable (or at least postponable.) Why was no one identifying the true casus belli? It was obvious. American presidents, in wartime, are always re-elected.”

Let me write this again, without the Italics: American presidents, in wartime, are always re-elected.

This, if not much else, Trump 45 knows, or more correctly –  of this, Trump 45 has been made aware – by Bannon or Stone or some other Machiavellian, intent on enjoying the power of seeing their own mischief destroy order, caring not if in the process it destroys the world…

So Trump is grooming America for war, cynically grooming the young men and women under his command (willingly or unwillingly) as canon fodder, by calling them “heroes”, goading other vain, bellicose, inexperienced, leaders to a battlefield which now, with the range and intensity of weapons,  has now borders.  And if they are killed under his command, he all but promises those who will die  76 virgins.

If it is the only way he will win the next US Presidential election, then so be it. If it means thousands – maybe hundred of thousands – of lives will be lost, then so be it. It is for the greater good: i.e. that he, Donald Trump will be again be elected President of the United States of America in 2020.

American presidents, in wartime, are always re-elected.

We have but 3 years to save our world.

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