The Moon In June

After June’s full Strawberry Moon had circled and set and the sun was shining, I was going out through the hallway of the Rives Parking in Geneva this morning as an elderly Sikh was coming in. His full grey moustache well kempt, he was dressed in city clothes and a charcoal grey turban.  As he walked towards me he gesticulated in a long rounded movement and spoke.  He said that he could see from my aura that the coming month, July, would be very kind to me, good for me.  “The last two years were not good for you” he added – to which I mildly protested – but as he turned to go, he reiterated “July will be very good for you.”  I thanked him kindly for the prediction and we went our separate ways.

Driving home this evening through the midsummer, mid-rush-hour traffic (every hour is rush hour in Geneva and the Franco-Swiss borders) I had time to ponder on the stranger’s assertion that ‘the last two years were not good.’  Over that time I have lost loved ones, have been sometimes concerned for others, but so many good and happy things have happened, I have had so many delightful times, received so many kindnesses, enjoyed so many events, books, places and experiences. So what past pain did this man see clouding my aura?  Then it came to me: The 45th President of the United States.  Since summer 2016 when he was running for office, I have not gone one single day without worry, angst, horror, anger and a feeling of helplessness at how one crass soulless man could so deleteriously effect world democracy, humanity, goodness, nature, culture and freedom, turning back a natural and hard-won evolution of civilisation on our shared planet.

Maybe this is what the stranger meant?  Maybe July will be the month when the orange orang in the White House, the Man in the High Castle will be toppled and there will be hope for the poor world again?

Isabel Healy

Isabel Healy

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